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Interactive Electronic Brochures & Magazines
The following electronic publications have been created in a new, user friendly format that enables the viewer to view them in much the same way as a conventional, paper based magazine. The pages look and feel like conventional media and even 'flip' from one page to another. In addition, the web and email links are all fully functional.


Student Adviser E-Magazine

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A publication that not only brings a wide range of ideas and information to the attention of professionals in advice, guidance and counselling but also breaks new ground in the field of e-publishing.

Student Adviser issue 6.1 (flash)

Student Adviser issue 5. 3 (flash)

Student Adviser issue 5. 2 (video mag)

Student Adviser issue 5. 2 (flash)

Student Adviser issue 5. 1 (video mag)

Student Adviser issue 5.1 (flash)

Student Adviser issue 4.2 (flash)

Student Adviser issue 4.2

Student Adviser issue 4.1 (flash)

Student Adviser issue 4.1

Student Adviser issue 3.2

Student Adviser issue 3.1

Student Adviser issue 2.5

Student Adviser issue 2.4

Student Adviser issue 2.3

Student Adviser issue 2.2

Student Adviser issue 2.1

Student Adviser issue1.2

Student Adviser issue 1.1

Student Adviser Media Pack



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