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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
An International, graduate university located on the shores of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia
Competitive SCHOLARSHIPS for Applied Math, Science, & Engineering Students

Programs offering scholarships include:

  • Applied Mathematics and Computational Science (AMCS)
  • Bioscience (B)
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE)
  • Chemical Science (ChemS)
  • Computer Science (CS)
  • Earth Science and Engineering (ErSE)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • Environmental Science and Engineering (EnSE)
  • Marine Science (MarS)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)

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Master’s and PhD students will benefit from the extensive scholarship package that includes:

  • Full tuition
  • Monthly living allowance
  • Housing
  • Relocation support
  • Health and dental insurance

Eligible students may apply immediately for MS/PhD programs starting in September 2012.

For complete information and details visit:

An International, graduate university located on the shores of the Red Sea in Saudi


Phone: +966 (2) 808-3428
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