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Aspects of Guidance

CRCI can be fun!

Kath Wright, NACGT Vice President and Advisory Teacher with Essex, Southend and Thurrock Connexions Service, has been looking at developing a way of introducing students to the new Connexions Resource Centre Index (CRCI) in a quick and fun way

Following the Connexions Action Note for Partnerships CXP103, we decided to design a series of four quizzes that could be used in a variety of ways and settings, taking into account time available and a range of target audiences.

There are two quizzes on General Information and two on Occupational Areas.

The first quiz for each section asks students to match the icons with the titles – raising awareness of the categories in the new CRCI. General Information covers the 11 titles and the first quiz for Occupational Areas covers a randomly selected 11 as well (this could be extended to the full 23, if establishments want to do this and time permits).

The other two quizzes identify some of the key headings within the two groups. Students are encouraged to search through the Index and find the information to complete the quiz. The Occupational Areas quiz has selected occupations from the remaining 12 categories not used in the first quiz.

Within the pack there are four quizzes with four answer sheets. The worksheets have been produced on overhead transparencies in colour to match the national materials.

General Information

a) Match the icons to the titles

b) Where would you find…?

  • This quiz covers the 11 categories.
  • This quiz asks students to find selected information within the 11 categories.

May be used:

  • As part of the information given when Connexions Personal Advisers are introducing Connexions to year 8 students
  • To introduce the Connexions library as part of a Careers Education/ PSHE day within a carousel of activities possibly for year 9
  • As part of the Real Game when investigating job roles
  • In one-to-one or group work situations
  • As part of any parents evening i.e. year 6 parents induction evening, year 9 options evening etc
  • As part of tutor training by the Careers Co-ordinator or Connexions Personal Adviser

Occupational Areas

a) Match the icons to the titles

b) Where would you find…?

  • This quiz asks student to match 11 of the titles to the categories (there are 23 in all)
  • This quiz asks students to find selected information from the remaining 12 categories.

Examples of how these quizzes could be used are as above as well as:

  • Exploring occupations in more detail in preparation for work experience
  • Research for an extended work experience placement
  • As part of ASDAN/OCN/OCR accredited coursework
  • As part of an Increased Flexibility Programme

Extension work and development

Students are encouraged to use the Connexions-Direct website ( and Jobs4U ( to research occupations in more detail.

The sheets could be included in a student workbook, PSHE folder or as part of students’ Progress File materials.

Further development now includes students in Year 9 developing an interactive PowerPoint presentation to gain their level 7 SATS for ICT. It is our intention to make the outcomes of this work available to all of our schools.

The quizzes have been put into presentation packs for our Personal Advisers to use. Although they are in colour, the sheets photocopy well in black and white with the intensity being darkened.

Examples from two of the quizzes follow:

General Information

Where would you find…?

Match the information to the icons

Under which heading would you find the following information?

(some may appear more than once)

1. Work Experience
2. Volunteering
3. Healthy Eating
4. Choices in Year 9
5. Bullying
6. Taking a Gap Year
7. Railway Timetables
8. Local Organisations
9. Housing Benefits
10. Progress File
11. You as a Citizen
12. National Insurance

Occupational Areas

Match the information to the icons

Under which heading would you find the following information?

1. Systems Analyst
2. Medical Photographer
3. Stonemason
4. Probation Officer
5. Music Therapist
6. Receptionist
7. Locks Smith
8. Conference Organiser
9. Legal Executive
10. Motorcycle Courier
11. Jeweller
12. Archivist






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