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Advice & Guidance - Increasing your clients' employability
How do your clients organise their career search, write a CV, compose a letter of application, prepare for an interview, plan their future career development? We aim to provide the answers and more in our ever-growing career advice and guidance section. As elsewhere on this site, many of these articles are written in a format that can easily be printed and handed to your clients. They are divided into three sections according to the National Framework for Careers Education and Guidance.
Career Management - make and adjust plans to manage change and transition

Constructing a CV

A Positive Impression - The Covering Letter

Helping students to avoid credit ‘gimmicks’ & credit card debt

Student Loans - What you need to know

UCAS Applications - Some Guidelines

Applying to university in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland



Winning CVs (Book Review)

Surviving the Interview - Some good advice

Student Discounts Available

Adding up uni expenses - Budgetting

Renting Accomodation at University - As safe as houses?

Choosing Student Accommodation



Career Exploration - investigate opportunities in learning and work
Please also see our: Career Templates, Recruitment Register, Apprenticeships and Gap Year Guide

Vocational Qualifications - The Learning Skills Council

Aim Higher - Why Foundation Degrees?

Sandwich Courses - It’s all in the filling!

Ahead of the Game…Sandwich Education & Training

Making Decisions - Using Personal Advisers

Equivalent Qualifications

Self Development - understand themselves and the influences on them

Pre–University Jitters - Worries about starting University

Vocational Training & Skills - How do you learn best?

Right Move…Wrong Direction – Changing your degree course




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